What’s My Niche?

For the longest time I have wanted to start a blog, but the same question always came up, Whats my niche?  I enjoy a wide variety of things sports, TV, working out, and The Simpsons, but I don’t consider myself to be a guru on any of these topics.  I’m not an ESPN analyst, a television critic, a trainer on the Biggest Loser or Comic Book Guy.  I’m a wandering duck (note the first part of the blog name).  I have an opinion about all of the subjects and I think it’s about time I share them.

Why is the wandering duck climbing a mountain? A few weeks ago I was preparing to give a presentation on social media to a social media class at Creighton University.  I didn’t want to call myself a social media expert because I find that to be the worst title ever (blog entry on that later).  So, I compared myself to a mountain climber, more specifically the game Mountain Climber on the Price is Right.  The contestant makes an accurate guess on the price of an item and the mountain climber moves forward, but when the guess is inaccurate the mountain climber moves backwards.  On my social media journey I’ve made some mistakes and I have taken a few steps back, but I’ve also had some success and have taken a few steps forward.  After reading a few of the students blogs after the presentation the analogy seemed to stick, so I must have said something right.

As I wander through life and climb a social media mountain I intend to use this space to share my stories about books, TV, sports and social media.  I’m excited to venture into the blogging community and I know I’ll make some mistakes on the way, but that’s life.

Enjoy and keep climbing your mountain!

Blogger Note: Now that I think about it, the mountain climber moves forward when a contestant guesses inaccurately and stays put when the guess is correct. The analogy still works though 🙂


3 thoughts on “What’s My Niche?

  1. Elizabeth, I love the title. And while I didn’t quite get the duck, I got the mountain reference! You’ve actually inspired me to pledge to post more to my blog as well. See, social media is social.

  2. I was going to correct you on that game b/c i love it, but you already corrected it. I’m excited about your blog.

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