Can Julie and Julia inspire you to Tweet?

Over the weekend I took some time to enjoy a movie through my Netflix.  Happy to see that Julie and Julia was available to watch instantly through my Wii I decided it would fit the bill.  I’m a picky eater so I didn’t start the movie with the intention that I would become the next Julia Child, but little did I know how inspired I would be after finishing the movie.

Throughout the movie you see two women who both have the desire to remove themselves from their ruts.  They quickly use cooking and writing as their way to escape the day.  Each character has to deal with her own trials and tribulations but they soon persevere and managed to find great success.   After I finished the movie I felt like I needed to start a new project right away; unfortunately, it was 11:30 p.m., so my new journey was put off another day.  However, today I started thinking how one could associate different parts of the movie with a personal journey through social media, more specifically starting a journey on Twitter.  Below I have taken a few messages from the movie and associated them to how one can approach Twitter.  Hopefully, by using movie references it will make the thought of becoming a Twitter user a little less scary.

1. Don’t Be Afraid of the Unknown
Twitter has a lot of terms like hashtags, follow Friday, ReTweet, and Direct Messages.  These terms are usually where people get discouraged first and here is where I say “Channel your inner Julia!”  Julia wanted to master French cooking and wasn’t afraid to be the only woman in a class of all men, or let a few onions stand in her way.  With a little practice and a few tears Julia learned how to channel her frustration into early success in the kitchen.   Just because you may get discouraged by the thought of trying to retweet a fellow users tweet doesn’t mean you should automatically delete your account. Practice how to master the retweet by reading a few articles on the proper way to retweet or better yet follow other users examples.

2. Have a Goal
Julie’s goal was to cook her way through Julia’s cookbook in 365 days and write a blog about each experience. Now, you may ask “How can I set a goal on Twitter?” If you run a business Twitter account, set a goal for how many new followers you would like to have in a certain time period or better yet, draft Tweets that get retweeted.  For someone with a personal Twitter account, make it a point to meet at least one new person and interact with them on Twitter.  You never know what kind of networking opportunities you’ll stumble upon.

3. Don’t Try Everything at Once
Do you think Julie wanted to debone the duck before trying an egg? I don’t think so!  While trying to learn the different powers of Twitter it can be very easy to get caught up in the fast pace environment.  I suggest trying a new element each week.  For example, having trouble with hashtags, practice using them one week.  You don’t need them for every tweet, but they can be helpful if you are targeting your tweet to a certain audience.

4. Make Twitter Your Oasis
Both Julie and Julia used cooking as their release, their way to step back from a hectic day.  Twitter is a fast pace environment, but it can easily be your new oasis.  If you are using Twitter for personal use it could be your way to express how you’re feeling without a care in the world.  Remember to keep in mind that everything is public if you don’t have your account protected.  Maybe you have made a few friends and find it relaxing to swap stories late into the evening.  If you are managing a business Twitter account maybe tweeting becomes your short five minute break during the day or a way to get away from a project and come back with a fresh new look on what you’re working on.  Once you feel like it’s become a chore you’ll never want to return.

Maybe movies and Twitter weren’t the best comparison, but it’s very easy to get caught up in our daily routines.  Spend some time like Julie and Julia did to find something you enjoy doing because everyone needs an escape.  For me I’ve started this blog and I enjoy sharing my take on life with people.  Hopefully, I’ve inspired a few readers to stay the course with their Twitter accounts.  If not, I do recommend the movie and who knows maybe you’ll also feel inspired to try something new.  For me I felt inspired to educate people on how they can enjoy Twitter by comparing it to a movie.

Keep Climbing Your Twitter Mountain and Bon Appetit,



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