Showcasing Animals Through Social Media

As my social media mountain climb continues I would like to share some recent success.  As I mentioned in my first post, I work at the Nebraska Humane Society and as part of my job I manage our different social networking sites.  Recently, we had a little success with two long term animals finding Forever Homes because of our efforts on Facebook and YouTube.

When an animal at NHS becomes a long-term stay animal we’ll move to sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to showcase these animals above and beyond the NHS website.

Here's a screen shot of Suzie's video

Example #1: Suzie
Suzie was an 8-year-old Australian Cattle dog who was getting close to being at the shelter for two months.  While Suzie was at NHS she was featured on our website, her photo and description were posted on Facebook, we featured her on Twitter and she appeared in two videos on the NHS YouTube Channel.  It wasn’t until one day when we decided to feature Suzie in our EPaws where we linked to her YouTube video with the simple phrase: Suzie’s a star! Click here to watch her YouTube video.  The next day a family who clicked the link to watch her video came in to adopt her.  The family saw a brief 45 second video and it was love at first site.


An example of the post about Buster on Facebook

Example #2: Buster
After a few long term animals departed, Buster became my next social networking case.  One morning I posted Buster’s photo on the NHS Facebook Page.  Throughout the day we had a fan who asked a lot a questions about Buster.  With every question I provided the fan with a response.  The next day as I was getting ready to leave the shelter and I noticed Buster in a get acquainted room with his potential Forever Family.  As it turns  out, the family was the fan from Facebook who had asked all the questions.  Buster ended up going home that night to his Forever Family thanks to Facebook.

Now, success stories like the two listed above don’t happen over night.  It has taken over a year to build a strong following on Facebook and our YouTube channel is finally starting to take off, but it has been a climb.  Later posts will address the social media mountain climb of NHS.

These are just two stories out of many that happen at NHS, but I would hate to think how long these animals would have been at the shelter without sites like Facebook and YouTube.

Happy mountain climbing,


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