Would You Hit the Like Button While in the Bathroom?

The poster hanging on the QuickTrip stall door.

Recently, I was taking a road trip and like any human had to stop for a restroom break.  As I walked into the QuickTrip bathroom and closed the stall door I was quickly greeted with a big blue poster that said Become A Fan with the Facebook logo and the QuickTrip logo.  Now, I thought the poster was a clever way to get noticed but how effective is that poster?  I may be constantly connected to a variety of social media sites, but when I’m going to the bathroom social media is on hold. Does QuickTrip really think people will ‘Like’ their page while they pee?   Yes, I have told everyone about the poster but I still haven’t been to their Facebook page.

So when and where am I more likely to visit a Facebook page and hit the Like button?

When I’m more likely to visit:

  1. When I see that a different shelter has a page I’ll visit their page to gather ideas, but I won’t like the page.
  2. When I’m on a website and see they have a Facebook button I’ll click it to check it out, but I won’t hit the like button.

When I’m less likely to visit:

  1. When I’m watching TV. Yes, I may have my laptop out, but I won’t take the time to visit their page.
  2. When I’m in the bathroom- enough said.
  3. When I see a link on Twitter that takes me to Facebook. There was a time that I had a Facebook feed populating Twitter, but I quickly learned Twitter people aren’t the biggest fans of links to Facebook.

The only times I actually hit the Like button:

  1. If I’m associated to the page in anyway.
  2. If it’s a cause I support.
  3. I’ll even hit the button for the occasional TV show, but other than that I’m a Facebook Page Lurker.

So now my question to you as readers is, do you want to Facebook in the bathroom, and when are you more likely to visit Facebook pages and hit the Like button?

Happy Mountain Climbing,


2 thoughts on “Would You Hit the Like Button While in the Bathroom?

  1. I often hit the Like button when I want to mention someone/something in a post. I’ll like them so I can mention them, but then, to be honest, I usually unlike them later on. I don’t really like having that many brands associated with me. Not to overthink it, but I feel that it sorta defines me in that way that I’d prefer not to be defined, so I’ll usually go back later. I’m sorta minimalist like that.

    • Thank you for mentioning hitting the like button when you want to mention a page. I forgot to add that one. I’ll do the same thing though, hit the like button and then go back and remove the page from the list. However, if I know I’ll use the page more than once I’ll keep it in my list, so I don’t have to hassle with always going in and hitting the like button. Oh the unfortunate joys of being a page admin on Facebook!

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