Twitter Chats- Fast and Furious

Recently, I sat down and worked on my personal brand strategy.  Why did I create a brand strategy for myself?  Sometimes I get so caught up in my Social Media goals and strategies for work that I forget that I have my own accounts and I still have a lot to learn on my journey up the social media mountain.  One of my personal goals was to actively participate in a Twitter Chat, and tonight I did just that.

Now, I’m not one to just dive right into something.  When it comes to anything I like to do my research and make a thoughtful decision, but tonight all that went out the window.  The other night I asked for Twitter Chat recommendations on my Twitter account. I only received one suggestions until tonight when my former professor Carol sent me a message saying a pretty good chat had just started, so I decided to participate.  As a Twitter Chat Rookie here’s my list of what I experienced.

  1. Twitter Chats move incredibly fast.  I’m talking faster than the speed of light fast.  It was hard to keep up with what people were saying and when I saw a Tweet I liked and wanted to reply to it was already pushed half way down the page.
  2. The chat was good, but I could tell that the group participating had chatted together before and it’s hard just to dive right in, almost like they don’t welcome chat rookies, or maybe my tweets weren’t engaging?
  3. Don’t use web based Twitter to keep up on the chat.  I noticed a few people were using an app called Twitter Chat, so I jumped on that site and it made it much easier to follow, but still fast.
  4. This being my first chat I couldn’t tell what the proper etiquette was. Do I just answer the questions? Do I answer the questions and also reply to other chatters? Do I just reply to how other people are responding to the questions? I started off responding to the questions, and to a few other chatters, but after awhile I ended up just sitting back and watching the entire chat unfold.  Almost as if the chat was a teacher and I was the student.

Now that I have participated in my first Twitter Chat I know what I can expect the next time I participate in one.  Just because I wasn’t on my game with this chat is was good to just sit back and watch to see how things operated.  This is what I ended up doing after I was so overwhelmed by the speed.  This was a step back on my mountain, but also a step forward because I’m growing my knowledge of Twitter.

I would be curious to hear about other people’s Twitter Chat experiences have been like.  Have you participated in one? What was it like the first time you Twitter Chatted? What are your favorite Twitter Chats?

I hope everyone is having a great night,



2 thoughts on “Twitter Chats- Fast and Furious

  1. Hi Elizabeth! #petchat is on Monday nights at 7:00 and #dogtalk is right after at 8:15. They are both very fun and have great people show up, new ones all the time 🙂 I have used tweetchat to follow them, and it seems a bit less confusing than following hashtags on twitter.

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