Why I Probably Won’t Use Facebook Places

Since Facebook Places isn’t available on the Blackberry yet, I still haven’t had the opportunity to test it out.  However, even though I haven’t been able to test it I’ll probably remain a FourSquare user.

I started using FourSquare to see what the application was all about.  After about a month I really started to enjoy it. Why would I want my Twitter followers to know where I’m at? Well, I’m probably going to Tweet about what I’m doing anyway, so I might as well check-in.  With FourSquare you have the opportunity to send your check-ins to Facebook.  I have never turned this feature on and it’s because I don’t want to update my 300+ “friends” with my location.  I primarily use Facebook to stay updated on how my friends and family are doing through their status updates, photos, notes, etc.  I’ve already spent a great deal of time hiding everyone’s Farmville updates, and now once Facebook Places becomes more popular with more of my friends my feed is going to be filled with their latest check-ins.  I don’t use Facebook news feeds to find out that people are eating burritos at Chipotle.

Before Facebook Places arrived there were many articles published talking about if FourSquare would last and now those articles have increased.  Like any new social media tool it takes awhile for the public to catch on and once it does it becomes popular.  Take Twitter for example a few years ago it wasn’t as main stream as it is today.  I think if more businesses started using FourSquare more users would be checking in.  Here in Omaha I’m often surprised when I check in somewhere and they have a coupon for people who check-in.

I believe the FourSquare vs. Facebook Places debate will continue as one becomes more popular than the other, but until Facebook Places is available on the Blackberry I’ll continue to check-in on FourSquare.

I am curious to know if people will stick with FourSquare, test out Facebook Places, or not do any of them?


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