My obsession with how companies promote their Facebook Pages

I’m very quickly becoming obsessed with how companies are advertising their Facebook Page.  It’s almost as if I’m waiting for the next great advertising idea or something.

Yesterday while I was at the grocery store I needed to pick up some ketchup.  Well what do I see when I reach down to pick up the ketchup bottle, an ad for their Facebook Page on the bottle! I guess I have never really thought about how a food company would promote their Facebook page, but this is a pretty good idea.  Now, every time I put ketchup on something I see their Facebook ad.  Last night I even went on their Facebook page and the ad seems to be working because people were leaving Wall Posts that said, “Love the ad on the bottle!”

As a consumer and a person who manages a business Facebook Page I thought this idea was very clever.  This version of advertising ranks much higher than the companies that advertised their Facebook Pages in the bathroom.  So far in my experience with managing a Facebook Page, I have stuck to the traditional ways (website and emails) of promoting the page, but this example is now making me think for nontraditional ways to promote our page.

Now, I’m curious has anyone else witnessed any examples of nontraditional Facebook Page promotion?  Also, what do you think of what this company is doing by putting the ad on the bottle?

Happy climbing,


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