My Sunglasses Broke

About two weeks ago as I was walking into work my sunglasses decided to bite the big one, a.k.a they broke.  Even though I only spent $15 on the sunglasses three years ago they were the most reliable sunglasses ever.  They went with me everywhere, on vacations, to baseball games, work events, and even a few lazy days by the pool.  Now that they have broken I’m finding it hard to part with them.  Technically, I can still manage to wear them, but not in public of course only in the car. But the day will soon come where I’ll need to be in public with sun glasses on and the question arises, what will I do?  I know I need to just suck it up and buy new ones, but I’m still mourning the loss of my current pair.  It’s almost like my favorite stuffed animal as a kid has been taken away and will never return. I know I’ll soon find new sunglasses, but for right now I’m going to mourn the loss of my sunglasses and begin the search for new ones.

Oh the challenges we face in life. Even the minor ones seem to throw a wrench into things.

Happy Climbing,



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