Resurrecting My Blog For a Cause

Blog-a-thon badgeOk, I know it’s been WAY TOO long since I last posted here, but I think it’s time to resurrect the blog! I have decided to pull my blog out of retirement to help homeless animals at the Nebraska Humane Society by participating in Blog-a-thon 2011.  Starting tomorrow at 1 p.m. I’ll be posting for 24 hours on a variety of different subjects! The reason I’m staying up late is to help raise money for animals at NHS!  All donation made to NHS during the Blog-a-thon will be matched 100%! Click here to help a homeless animal!

Are you curious as to what Blog-a-thon is? Check out this description from Dr. Shawn Finch’s blog  She is also a Blog-a-thon participant!

When is Blogathon?
1:00 pm Saturday, November 12. 2011 – noon Sunday, November 13. 2011 Central Time.

Can I participate?
Yes, of course!


  • If you have a blog, and an animal related cause you would like to support, join us on Saturday and Sunday to blog hourly to raise money for your chosen cause.  Feel free to blog more or less often, or participate in the “sane” hours of the Blogathon.
  • Let us know you are participating! Email Elizabeth by clicking here! Use the subject line: Blog-a-thon 2011

What Should I Blog About?
The cause you are supporting…pets…your thoughts on things you think…videos…photos…links to the cause you are supporting or other Blogathon participants’ websites and the causes they are supporting or other stuff…

Do You Have Links From Last Year I Can Check Out?
Yes, and if you follow those links, they will bring you to more information!

Blogathon 2010 on Pawcurious
Blogathon 2010 on Riley and James

Oh no, I do not have a blog!  Do I need to sit on the curb and watch everyone go by?
No, of course not!

  • Offer to write a guest blog post in advance for any participating blogger you think may need a 3 am coffee break.
  • Comment on the participating blogs.  You would not believe how encouraging support and participation are when bloggers are thinking “What was I thinking?” and “What did I get myself into?” and “I am so tired!” and “Is this making a difference?”
  • See if bloggers need pictures that you have taken.  We are ALWAYS looking for great pictures, and they make posts more fun to read.  Also, your pets are super cute.

You are crazy!  I am not staying up all night!
That is not a question!  But you do have a good point.  You can still help!

  • Promote the Blogathon through facebook and twitter and other social media sites.
  • Tell your friends and family.
  • Support the cause or causes that you love.  Make donations during the Blogathon or even later in honor of “The Pawcurious Blogathon.”
  • Learn about the groups highlighted during Blogathon that sound interesting.
  • Get to know the participating bloggers.  Odds are, they are just as dog crazy as you are and would be very fun to know!
  • Do the awesome things you are already doing to help organizations helping animals…give, volunteer, support.

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