Animals Like Mighty Need You

Working at a shelter can have its good days and its bad days. Most of the days are good, but sometimes there are stories that just break your heart. Mighty’s story is one of those stories. Mighty is one of the reasons I’m staying up for 24 hours. I want to help raise money for animals like Mighty.  Will you consider helping animals like Mighty?

This is a picture of a puppy named Mighty.  I wish I could say his story wasn’t true…sadly, it is!  At eight weeks this sweet little puppy was punched in the head. Mighty’s owner, furious when the puppy made a mess on the floor, knocked him unconscious.  When the puppy regained consciousness, he began to have seizures which landed him at a vet hospital.

Thankfully, the vet quickly recognized an abuse case and called the Nebraska Humane Society’s (NHS) cruelty investigator. Once stabilized at the vet clinic, Mighty was confiscated and brought to NHS to heal.  Mighty’s brain swelling is slowly subsiding; the NHS veterinarians expect him to make a complete recovery.

Mighty’s owner is charged with animal abuse and will go to court within the next month. We are hopeful that the judge will ban this abusive man from owning animals for a lengthy period of time.  Once this case is settled, NHS will do everything possible to make sure Mighty lands in a wonderful home.

I know these stories are hard to hear…they are even harder to watch.  Thankfully, NHS is here and stands ready to help these abused animals!  When you support this mission, you save the lives of creatures like Mighty!

We are a shelter of second chances!  Thank you for your trust and confidence


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