Retinal Detachment- Not My Idea of A Good Time

I’m pulling double duty for Blog-a-thon 2011! I’m blogging here and over on the NHS website, so I’m saving the animal content I have left for the NHS page and I’m moving on to other topics here. Some animals will be posted about later.

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Earlier this year I found myself in a pretty interesting situation.  The day before Easter I moved into a new place.  After the day of lifting furniture and boxes was over my roommate and I found ourselves at Dairy Queen where I quickly discovered that the vision in my left eye was not the greatest. Since I had my contacts in I thought maybe they were dirty and when I got home I took them out when I went to bed and woke up the next morning hoping for better vision.  Unfortunately when I woke up on Easter morning my vision hadn’t improved, so I made my Easter rounds and once again hoped for better vision on Monday morning. When I woke up the next day my vision had not improved and I found myself at the eye doctor.  After having my eyes dilated and a few test done my main eye doctor didn’t have a diagnosis and referred me to a specialist.

With dilated eyes and an empty stomach my roommate and I made our way through the Burger King drive thru and then ate lunch in the parking lot of the second eye doctor.  Upon arriving at the second eye doctor I was asked to fill out more paper work and then wait to be called back. After waiting for 15 minutes I was called back and they put more drops in to dilate my eyes again and wait in a room I like to call the dilation room. It’s called that because you sit in a dark room and wait for your eyes to dilate- real exciting.

After waiting the 20 minutes in the dilation room I was called to a room where I sat for maybe two minutes before I was told that my retina was detached and I needed surgery. The doctor asked me when I ate last and I told him a 1/2 hour ago.  He said that was too soon and that I would have to head into surgery at 5:30 a.m. the next morning…..

To be continued during the next hour……


2 thoughts on “Retinal Detachment- Not My Idea of A Good Time

  1. You poor thing! I have only diagnosed retinal detachment once, in a very sweet Golden. She was pretty freaked out – it seems to be pretty sudden. I am not comparing you to a pet, though my family says I always do that 🙂

    • Yes, my post is now animal related!! I didn’t even think that animals could have it happen to them. Every time I tell people that I had a detached retina they instantly tell me of a person and now an animal that they know who has had the same thing. CRAZY!

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