The Noises That Occur at 2 a.m.

At night when you’re asleep there are still things that happen while you slumber- people still Tweet, click ‘Like’ on Facebook and the heat kicks on and off.

In my apartment while my roommate and I are trying to catch some zzz’s and our dishes are trying to get clean the dishwasher makes a noise that sounds like the noise in Inception when your dream is about to end. This is no lie, it’s so loud and it’s a spot on. If I’ve already fallen asleep and I’m woken by the noise I sometimes have to think twice- was that the end of my dream or the dishwasher? Tonight there was no question it was the dishwasher, but tomorrow when Blog-a-thon is over and I’m catching zzzz’s will it be my dream ending or the dishwasher? One may never know.

Sorry, had to make that 2 a.m. post a random one.

Don’t forget: I’m blogging for 24 hours to help homeless animals at the Nebraska Humane Society. Click here to donate where all the donations will be matched 100%


4 thoughts on “The Noises That Occur at 2 a.m.

    • I had to post one random post about what goes on late at night. The next one is very much animal related. I have been a writing machine, so I’ve been quieter on Twitter.

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