Blog-a-thon Helps Make Moments Like These…

Shellie spent two long months searching for a new home at the Nebraska Humane Society.  She depended on the staff and volunteers at NHS to keep her company while she waited patiently.  Funds raised during Blog-a-thon 2011 help NHS provide for animals like Shellie who find themselves at the shelter longer than she would have liked. Blog-a-thon 2011 Makes moments like the one below possible. Check it out!

Don’t forget: I’m blogging for 24 hours to help homeless animals at the Nebraska Humane Society. Click here to donate where all the donations will be matched 100%


Time to have some “Rat”tastic Fun

When I first started working at the Nebraska Humane Society I quickly learned that there were more than just dogs and cats looking for homes, there were also birds, horses, snakes, rabbits and RATS. Now I’m not a big rat fan but they do provide some humor every now and then!  Now, that we’re a few hours into the Blog-a-Thon I thought we could have some fun. Below is a photo of Max and his friends when they came to NHS. Provide your best caption for the photo in the comment section!

Blog Attempt #1 = Fail

When I first started this blog I was excited to write about my  insight on everything social media, but that quickly went down the drain.  Blogging turned out to be different from I anticipated and I was surprised at how quickly I ran out of ideas.  After lack of ideas I started to wonder why people weren’t reading my blog or leaving comments.  Part of that was because I wasn’t blogging, but when I was why weren’t people leaving comments or reading as much as I thought? Then I took a step back and thought about how long it took to build the current relationships on the NHS Facebook and Twitter accounts and realized it’s going to take some work to make my personal blog/brand take off.

Now flashback to a few weeks ago when I was at a networking event and a former professor said she likes to tell people to have 10 posts ideas ready to go when they start a blog. I wish I would have one thought of that and two had 10 post ideas in my head when I started.  Now, after a lack of posts and some retooling I’m ready to buckle down for the winter and blog.  My personal goals I’ll keep to myself, but here is what you have to look forward to in the next 10 days.  Also, if there is something you are interested in and would like me to blog about please leave a comment.

My list of 10:  Post will now be about my journey up the mountain of life and social media. Enjoy!

  1. Life: Dating a Medical School Student Part 1
  2. Non-Profit Advice: Make Your Direct Mail Work with your Website
  3. Social Media Advice: Posting videos on Facebook Pages
  4. Life: Cooking For One
  5. Life: Dating a Medical School Student Part 2
  6. Social Media: A SM Site I’m Digging Right Now
  7. Social Media/Non-Profit: To Delete or to Not Delete that Is the Question
  8. Work Related: Long Term Animal Showcase
  9. TV: What I’m Recording on my DVR
  10. Ten Day Recap